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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


slowly you come into my life
deeply you compass me
simply you enchant me
fairly you glow me
tenderly you call me
carefully you select me
strongly you hold me
nicely you tell me
that you love me,truly,deeply,madly and captivates me with your true,crazy love..
I wish I could behold you,being my better half in this world and there to come....
My life wouldn't ryhme without you..
whatever else may complecate our lives..
I thing is pure and simple..
I love YOU heart & soul,My LoVe....


jasmine~san said...

apsal jiwang sgt ni???
musykil aku...huhuhuhuhu ;p

JaWaHiR_18 said...

tak payah mesykil mien,

aku amik ayat ni dari nonie..

hihi..sebb cambest je,

aku pun post kat sni..